Ourtrip to England

Thistrip has been a verygoodexperience, consideringthatwehavebeenspeaking English allthe time with English people.In themornings, welearnt English in a languageschool, Language UK, whichis in Broadstairs, thetownwherewestayed in host families.
Themostamazingmomentwaswhenwevisited London, becauseitis a citythat I havealwayswanted to visit and itwasfantastic. One of thebestmomentwaswhenwevisitedthe Chatham HousePupils, becausewecouldmeet new English students of ourage. Theywereveyfriendly. Wealsoplayedgamestherewiththestudents and wewentwiththem to the Street Dance workshop. Wevisited Canterbury, a city in thesoutheast of England. WevisitedtheCathedral, and wedidalsosome shopping.We went to Ramsgate, a townfamousforhistunnels.

Thistrip has beenthebestonebecausewehavetravelledabroad, and wehavebeenable to improvethelanguage. Also, I havehadtheopportunity to meetmyschoolfriendsbetter.
María Belenger González-4ºESO

I recomendeveryone to do thistripbecauseyouwillenjoy a lot. Sergio Prieto-1º Bach

I decided to do itbecause I wanted to live a new experience and because I wanted to know more aboutEngland and its culture, but I couldn´t imagine what I wasgoing to live. I havehadanamazingexperience. Lorena Sánchez 4ºESO


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